July 26, 2016

Hearthstone: Wild Chicken Priest

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 Last weekend my roommates and I got bored while I was drafting an Arena deck in Hearthstone. A few drinks were had and somehow the card Angry Chicken became something of a meme with all 3 of them screaming at me to draft it for my deck. Needless to say that deck had a solid run of 2-3, but the point was that the idea of building a deck around Angry Chicken was drilled into our collective heads.

The deck list is on the right hand side of the post. The rest of this post will focus on my design ideas and how to play the deck!

Design GoalsHearthstone Deck List

  1. Keep the Angry Chickens alive
  2. Use cards that will make Angry Chicken more powerful
  3. Last long enough to actually pull the combo off

Key Cards

Angry Chicken

This card is the bread and butter of the deck. It’s a 1 mana, 1/1, minion with the Enrage effect “+5 Attack”. So if we can work with the Enrage effect (which is the purpose of the deck) we can get a 1 cost 6 Attack minion out of the deal. This deck works to increase the Angry Chicken’s Health in order to trigger the Enrage effect.

Power Word: Shield

Power Word: Shield is great for two reasons. First of all, it allows us to draw another card and card draw to get more spells for the Angry Chicken is great. Secondly it gives a minion +2 Health, which is very beneficial to our Angry Chickens.

Inner Fire

This spell changes a minion’s Attack to be the same as its Health. This card is great for further powering up the Angry Chickens once they a large amount of Health, or any other minion. Essentially this is to put a big threat on the board for a deck with very few large minions.

Crazed Alchemist

This is an awesome minion for this deck. One of the best uses I’ve found for this card is using it to swap an enemy to 1 Attack in order to get the Angry Chickens’ Enrage effects. It’s also a great removal tool that comes with a 2/2 body on the board. I’d honestly recommend 2 of these in the deck, but I don’t have 2 so that’s why there’s only one.

Divine Spirit

This spell doubles a minion’s Health. This one is great when used in addition to Velen’s Chosen, Dark Cultist’s Deathrattle, or Power Word: Shield in order to give a minion, specifically Angry Chicken, a very large health pool to work with. The larger the health pool we have to work with, the better as far as this deck is concerned.

Velen’s Chosen

Another spell that increases a minion’s stat line. Velen’s Chosen gives +2/+4 and +1 spell damage to a minion making this an excellent card for this deck. The flat base health increase makes this an excellent card to use with Divine Spirit, plus the +4 Health is just naturally great for Angry Chicken in general.

Defender of Argus

Similarly to Crazed Alchemist, this minion is used to help manipulate the other minions in our deck while giving us another body for our board. Defender of Argus gives two adjacent minions (1 to the left and 1 to the right of it) +1/+1 and Taunt. For example, you can give your Angry Chickens another Health, or give two minions Taunt in order to protect your minions.

Notable Combos

Elven Archer Enrage

The Elven Archer’s Battlecry is that it deals 1 damage. If your Angry Chicken has more than 1 HP you can use the Elven Archer’s Battlecry to trigger the Enrage effect and give your Angry Chicken +5 Attack. This is great if your opponent does not have anything small enough to Enrage your Angry Chickens.

Inner Fire + Divine Spirit Combos

By buffing a minion, like Angry Chicken with a good amount of health through the many cards that do that in this deck we can secure its Enrage effect. However, we can also use it to super buff the Angry Chicken by using Inner Fire to also increase the Angry Chicken’s base Attack, making it an even larger threat. This one is one of the Win Conditions of the deck.

Defender of Argus + Dark Cultist

This one is a bit riskier as there is no guarantee that it will hit the correct minion. You can drop your Defender of Argus so that it hits one or both of your Dark Cultists. At this point, the opponent has to kill your Dark Cultists first forcing them to trigger the +3 Health Deathrattle for one of your minions. This would work great if you can manipulate it so that it will buff the Health of an Angry Chicken.

Faceless Manipulator Chicken

We can only have 2 Angry Chickens in a deck, but with Faceless Manipulator we can get even more! This was more of a “throw in card” that we thought would be hilarious, but it’s been pretty great for giving us another large minion on the board that the opponent either has to deal with or straight up lose to.


This deck is basically just an Inner Fire Priest deck where we make one or two huge minions and slam them into the opponent’s face. It’s very enjoyable to play, but it does not boast a large win rate, not going to lie especially with cards like Gnomish Experimenter in there which has the ability to screw you over pretty harshly. You can’t take out Gnomish Experimenter though, world can always use more Chickens!

This deck was fun to make, and we went through quite a few iteration of this deck to get where we are. It’s certainly not an amazing deck that will get you to a high rank, but it’s one that my roommates and I have had a lot of fun with.

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