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I’m a 24 year old Computer Engineer living near Boston, MA. More importantly I play a lot of games and have played a lot of games since I was very young. In college I found quite a few like-minded people and we began playing a fair amount of table top games and video games in our downtime. Since then my passion for table top RPGs has been reignited. My college buddies and I still run a weekly 5e homebrew campaign that I have been DMing for the past 2 years. I also play in another D&D 5e game and a Star Wars RPG game!

I originally started this blog with the intentions of linking science and mathematics to games, but that focused has changed since I picked it back up in March 2018. Dungeon Solvers is now almost exclusively a TTRPG gaming blog.

I primarily play D&D 5e so that’s what the majority of the articles will be centered around here at Dungeon Solvers. I’ll dive into how to run the game as a DM, play the game, character builds, mechanics, homebrew options, and software/tools that are helpful for playing. Anything revolving around D&D will probably be written about at some point-in-time here. I try to stray from “reporting the news”, but there may be the odd time where I’ll chime in on that.

I do dabble in a few other systems so posts discussing those systems and their mechanics may pop up every so often. Some of these systems include the Star Wars RPG and Powered By the Apocalypse.

If you ever have a suggestion for a topic or have some general feedback about the blog feel free to contact metweet at me, or leave a comment!

Posting Schedule

Monday – Various Topics on D&D and/or TTRPGs

Friday – Various Topics on D&D and/or other TTRPGs

Other Days – If I have a homebrew or an extra post I may be inclined to post it on a random day during the week.

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Every Other Monday – D&D Monster Monday

Monthly/Bi-Monthly – D&D 5e Character Build

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