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Character Build: Wild Magic Support Sorcerer

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The Wild Magic Support Sorcerer Goals of this Build Empower Allies and Weaken Enemies Showcase your friends’ talents by being a support character. Take spells that will make your party stronger and weaken your enemies. Utilize your wild magicĀ  to help change the results of a successful or unsuccessful attack or ability check. Use the […]

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Why You Should Use Point Buy for D&D 5e Character Creation

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I’ve done the math in a previous post that proves that rolling the standard 4d6 keep the highest 3 (4d6k3) has a higher average stat value than point buy or the standard set. My players and I have rolled for our stats for as long as we’ve played D&D, but we ran a one-shot a […]

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Character Build: Song Master Fighter

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My two favorite classes in 5e are the Bard and the Battle Master Fighter. They both offer interesting combat choices, potential utility, and a lot of great role-playing opportunities. This character build combines the best of both worlds through multiclassing to make a front line damage dealer that can provide themselves and their party members […]

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