Running a Sandbox D&D 5e Game – Ambition vs. Possibility

Dungeons and Dragons

In the past whenever I’ve tried to “sell someone” on playing D&D compared to a video game the words “you can do ANYTHING” are always inserted into the conversation. It’s true in general and it’s true in my games. However, while many start out as a sandbox D&D game where anything is possible, eventually the […]

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Is Inkarnate Pro Worth It?

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I’ve previously posted about¬†Inkarnate and how it is an excellent free cartography tool. I’m not an artist by even the loosest definition and it has allowed me to make great looking world and city maps almost effortlessly. I’ve updated that post since I originally wrote it back in 2015, but the program has changed quite […]

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City Building For Your Game (Part 2)

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Last time, I talked about how I go about planning a city. TL;DR: building any sort of city/humanoid habitat is about 3/4ths ideas about the buildings, people, and society and 1/4th drawing up the city and determining items that are sold/quests to be accepted. This post covers the writing and drawing portion of city building. […]

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