Understanding Party Composition in D&D 5e

Dungeons and Dragons

The ideal game or campaign is one where each player plays a PC they enjoy. That’s why when sitting down for planning the campaign or participating in a session 0 players should decide on characters that each of them enjoy, but also help to round out the party and create a balanced party. Understanding D&D party composition is […]

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Character Build: Wild Magic Support Sorcerer

D&D 5e Character Build Post Header

The Wild Magic Support Sorcerer Goals of this Build Empower Allies and Weaken Enemies Showcase your friends’ talents by being a support character. Take spells that will make your party stronger and weaken your enemies. Utilize your wild magic  to help change the results of a successful or unsuccessful attack or ability check. Use the […]

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Why You Should Use Point Buy for D&D 5e Character Creation

Dungeons and Dragons

I’ve done the math in a previous post that proves that rolling the standard 4d6 keep the highest 3 (4d6k3) has a higher average stat value than point buy or the standard set. My players and I have rolled for our stats for as long as we’ve played D&D, but we ran a one-shot a […]

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Is Inkarnate Pro Worth It?

News and Reviews Featured Image

I’ve previously posted about Inkarnate and how it is an excellent free cartography tool. I’m not an artist by even the loosest definition and it has allowed me to make great looking world and city maps almost effortlessly. I’ve updated that post since I originally wrote it back in 2015, but the program has changed quite […]

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RPG Session Prep – How Much Time is Needed?

Table Top RPG

I find that the more experienced I get at running table top RPGs, the better I am at picking up on new a DM or GM’s mistakes. The biggest mistake I’ve noticed is that they are either not taking enough time or taking too much time to prepare for their group’s next RPG session. Why […]

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One Page Dungeon Contest Week 3: Encounters

One Page Dungeon Contest 2018

Last week I showcased the map I made for my 2018 submission for the One Page Dungeon Contest. I’m proud to say that I’ve finished it in time and will be submitting it Saturday after look through it a few more times. This week I formatted it and created all of the encounters for the […]

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What is Cover in D&D 5e?

Dungeons and Dragons

I’ve written before about how I ran my previous long-term campaign that had nine players. However, this current campaign has only five players at its maximum capacity. This coupled with the fact that myself and my players are all much more experienced at playing RPGs has allowed us to add and utilize more of D&D 5e’s mechanics […]

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D&D Monster Monday: The Banshee

D&D Monster Monday Header Image

In this bi-weekly series I talk about some of my favorite D&D monsters both official and homebrew. This week we take a look at one of my new favorite monsters, the banshee. My players had been exploring the catacombs of an ancient high elf city that had been destroyed in a disaster. Throughout their exploration […]

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