An Overview of the D&D 5e Classes

Dungeons and Dragons

There are plenty of choices to make when creating a new character for your next D&D campaign. It’s exciting whether it’s your first time ever making a character or it’s your 100th time. Though, out of all the decisions you have to make in the process the biggest one is choosing between all 12 of […]

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Character Build: Wild Magic Support Sorcerer

D&D 5e Character Build Post Header

The Wild Magic Support Sorcerer Goals of this Build Empower Allies and Weaken Enemies Showcase your friends’ talents by being a support character. Take spells that will make your party stronger and weaken your enemies. Utilize your wild magic to help change the results of a successful or unsuccessful attack or ability check. Use the […]

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Roll20 Dynamic Lighting Tutorial

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I’ve mentioned how Roll20 has enhanced my tabletop experience for me and my friends recently in my music in RPGs post. However, that is only one of many great perks of using Roll20. My favorite, by far, is the dynamic lighting feature. In this post I’m going to teach you how to use dynamic lighting to enhance your […]

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